Thursday, September 27, 2007

WordPress Plugin - Thumbnail Post Gallery

WordPress gallery plugin to make it easy for a blog visitor to see a visual summary of all the latest posts. The idea is to help your visitors navigate as well as providing more internal linking which can help with search engine rankings.

Upon request the plugin will generate a new post that contains images and links to your most recent posts. The images are properly scaled thumbnails, which look better than just scaling using HTML and are also much smaller and faster to download. The generated post is saved as a draft so that you can edit it before publishing if so desired.

[download the wordpress plugins]


  1. Download
    and unzip the 3 source files: st-thumbnail-creation.php, st-thumbnail-summary-options.php and st-thumbnail-summary.php
  2. Upload all files to your plugin directory
  3. Log in to your WordPress Admin Screen and go to Plugins, find Thumbnail Summary and activate it
  4. That’s it.

Usage Instructions

  1. In order to generate a thumbnail summary log in to your WordPress Admin Screen and go to Write, next to Write Post and Write Page you should now see Write Thumbnail Summary, click this.
  2. On the Create Thumbnail Summary Page ensure that the options are correct, set the post title to what ever you choose and click Create Post and OK to confirm.
  3. The thumbnails and post should now be created and saved as Draft (so not visible on the blog yet). In order to publish the post you will need to edit it (either via the link at the bottom of the screen or go to Write Post and choose the latest draft) and click Publish.


  • You can change various options to make the thumbnails fit in with your blog. All available options can be found on the Options -> Thumbnail Summary page. All options are explained on that screen so I won’t repeat myself here.

Usage Examples
You can see the thumbnail summary in use at:

  1. Coolest Gadgets
  2. Here on SoftSift


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